Canpotex helps to educate farmers around the world about fertilization best practices.

Balanced fertilizer application can lead to exceptional returns for producers.

We travel the world to meet with farmers and discuss a variety of agricultural issues.



As the world's population increases and the demand for food grows, fertilizer will play an even greater role in improving global food production.

Appropriate and balanced fertilizer application has never been more important, and part of Canpotex's role is to help educate farmers and producers about best fertilizer practices. We work alongside farmers – traveling the world to meet with them and discuss a wide variety of agricultural issues, provide in-field demonstrations, agronomic science discussions, and manage long-term grower education programs, demonstrations and field days.

Balanced, optimized fertilizer application can deliver exceptional returns to farmers and producers. Canpotex helps growers learn to succeed both financially and in their mission to feed the world's growing population.


For a wide variety of information on plant nutrition, fertilization and potash, please visit the following websites:

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International Fertilizer Industry Association
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