Canpotex's Neptune Terminal facility in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canpotex travels west from mines in Saskatchewan to terminal facilities in British Columbia and Oregon.

The U-SEA Saskatchewan, one of our new vessels under long-term charter, sets sail on its maiden voyage.

Our Portland, Oregon, facility primarily handles specialty potash products.

Canpotex has a fleet of approximately 5,700 specialty potash railcars.



With a clear understanding of the unique properties of potash, Canpotex manages and directs the transportation and delivery of its products. Canpotex is able to achieve significant economies of scale by representing all three of Saskatchewan's potash producers.

Canpotex is well known to offshore customers as a reliable supplier of potash; our world-class supply chain is one of the key contributors to this reputation.

The majority of Canpotex product moves in unit trains west, from mine sites in Saskatchewan through to port facilities in Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon. Canpotex also sends small amounts of potash east, through Thunder Bay to the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Storage capacity at the Ports of Vancouver and Portland, and at various warehouse facilities worldwide, allows Canpotex to maintain an inventory of various grades of potash to ensure timely delivery to customers in peak periods of demand.

Canpotex is actively involved in the ocean freight market – approximately 95% of our current business is done on a Cost and Freight basis (CFR), where Canpotex charters and manages the vessel carrying customer cargo through to the discharge port in the country of destination. CFR shipments provide Canpotex with the opportunity to maximize efficiency and minimize costs through the ability to optimize scheduling and use larger vessels to combine shipments, a benefit which is passed on to its customers.

Attending to the needs of customers, Canpotex ensures reliability of supply with access to 10 mines in Saskatchewan, a number of rail lines, state-of-the-art storage facilities and several load port alternatives.

Inland Transportation

Utilizing Canada's "Class 1" rail carriers, Canpotex unit trains traverse the rugged Canadian landscape through extreme weather year-round. These trains (up to 170 railcars long) can carry approximately 17,500 tonnes of potash and travel approximately 1,600 kilometres to deep-water ports.

Canpotex continues to invest in its specialized railcar fleet, with approximately 5,700 railcars in dedicated potash service at any given time. 

Railcar Maintenance Facility

The Railcar Maintenance Facility is an essential part of Canpotex’s logistics strategy that ensures Saskatchewan potash is efficiently transported to Canpotex’s terminal facilities with well-maintained railcars. This facility provides Canpotex railcars with all-weather inspection, repair and maintenance, automated railcar wash, wheel repairs and replacement, and on-site railcar storage and switching.

The Railcar Maintenance Facility enhances our rail-delivery system through increased performance, standardized maintenance schedules, and increased operational efficiencies, ensuring that we provide timely delivery to our customers in peak periods of demand.

Operating since December 2012, the Railcar Maintenance Facility is located 12 kilometres southwest of Lanigan, Saskatchewan. 

Terminal Operations

Canpotex continues to manage the potash journey to the customer by managing the product at the load port. An operations team, located in Canpotex's Saskatoon office, provides terminal handling services for Canpotex potash deliveries through the Port of Vancouver and the Port of Portland.

Canpotex ensures that potash cargoes are efficiently handled and loaded through daily communications with other Canpotex offices, railways, terminals and port personnel.

Canpotex terminals at Vancouver and Portland provide modern and efficient storage and handling facilities for potash deliveries to offshore markets.

Neptune Terminals (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd. (Neptune) is a joint venture of bulk commodity handlers, including Canpotex Bulk Terminals Limited – a company affiliate with over 50% ownership in the terminal and over 33 years of experience in shipping potash and fertilizers through the Port of Vancouver. Neptune boasts modern, state-of-the-art equipment and handling processes. Canpotex ships the majority of its potash through this facility and is represented on Neptune’s board of directors.

  Neptune Terminals Fact Sheet (PDF)

Portland Terminals (Portland, Oregon) 

Portland Bulk Terminals, L.L.C. (Portland) is wholly owned by Canpotex and operated by SSA Pacific, Inc. Operating since 1997, this terminal is a potash bulk-handling facility located on the Columbia River system in Portland, Oregon. Portland facilitates efficient handling of specialty potash products (particularly white potash) and provides a load port alternative for Canpotex potash shipments worldwide.

  Portland Terminals Fact Sheet (PDF)

Ocean Transportation

The majority of Canpotex potash sales are made on a CFR basis, which offers significant advantages in economies of scale, opportunities for combination cargoes, and combined routing options to maximize efficiencies and minimize the cost of this part of the potash journey.

Through our in-house Ocean Transportation group (located in Canpotex's Saskatoon and Singapore offices) and its exclusive chartering and brokerage network, we manage time-charter and voyage-charter vessels, contracts of affreightment and shipments of complimentary cargoes.


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