Market Development

Canpotex’s market development programs operate throughout various countries, primarily in cooperation with the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). After launching in China in the early 1980s, these grassroots programs have encouraged the use of potash by promoting balanced fertilizer application; these programs have been conducted in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, and have extended to other countries in Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Africa.

Farmers are beginning to recognize that balanced fertilization is critical to agricultural productivity and is essential to meeting the world’s growing need for food; Canpotex carries this message through its market development programs.

Canpotex works with IPNI and its customers to determine which of these market development programs will be most useful and effective for the site-specific requirements of each customer. New programs are initiated in areas where soils are nutrient deficient, and potash application will improve crop yields.

Some of the activities incorporated into these programs include: demonstration plots, Harvest Field Days, farmer meetings, crop seminars, retailer training, promotional literature, soil testing, software and database development and radio programming. The aim is to educate farmers on the benefits of balancing nitrogen, phosphates and potash (in proper ratios) in their own fields. 

"Harvest Field Days" include a series of demonstration plots that are set up on farmers’ own fields, which compare local common practices with recommended (scientifically-based) fertilizer applications. Harvest Field Days are family-oriented events organized to demonstrate the benefits of balanced fertilization; these events, which began in China, are now popular in many regions where Canpotex programs operate.

The market development programs in China focus on demonstrating the benefits of balanced nutrition by incorporating potash at an appropriate ratio with nitrogen and phosphate. Working in conjunction with IPNI, Sinofert Holdings Limited and the China Potash Association, these programs are conducted on various crops through research, demonstration and field inspection for the education and benefit of farmers and policy makers. New programs in China focus on using potash in mechanized seeding systems, a rapidly developing market.

Canpotex has also developed large programs in several other regions, including India, Indonesia and Peru. Reaching approximately 12,000 villages to date, the programs in India have been very successful in helping local farmers increase their crop yields by understanding the benefits of using a properly balanced NPK ratio.

In Indonesia, Canpotex promotes best management practices and site-specific nutrient management practices for palm oil. This program encompasses the entire palm oil cycle, providing best management practices for all stages of growth from seedlings to mature palms. Using these guidelines, customers in Indonesia have seen their crop yields increase up to 25%.

Canpotex is currently providing funding for “Programa Familia” in Peru to help improve yields, increase profits and reduce poverty among small coffee farmers. Canpotex uses the results of these programs to educate other farmers in the region about the benefit of responsible fertilizer use and how it can help alleviate poverty.

Canpotex currently spends approximately 1.8 million dollars each year on these research programs and several other market development initiatives in countries throughout Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Africa.

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