Canpotex's Marketing team brings vast industry experience to the task of meeting the needs of its offshore customers for high-quality potash. Through valued, long-term relationships with its customers around the world, Canpotex works hard to understand customer requirements for specific agricultural applications. We also follow the stringent quality standards required for industrial processes that use potash as a raw material.

Canpotex's long-standing relationship with the potash producers of Saskatchewan has led to a clear understanding of the unique properties of potash; as well, it facilitates ongoing product development based on international market requirements and supports investments in a delivery system that ensures the timely arrival of high-quality potash into the hands of the customer.

Canpotex is well-positioned to provide customers with a wide variety of sales and shipping options. As part of a growing global community, we are proud of the place we have earned as a competitive, international marketing and logistics company.

Canpotex has supplied approximately 215 million tonnes of potash to its offshore customers since 1972.


Canpotex Markets

As a competitive world potash supplier, Canpotex sells Saskatchewan potash offshore, principally to countries in Asia, Latin America and Oceania. Major markets include Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam.

With more than 44 years of experience in offshore potash markets, Canpotex has a solid understanding of the needs and concerns of potash customers around the world. Canpotex is well recognized as the leading potash supplier to these markets, supported by its shareholders mining the world's largest reserves of recoverable potash.

Potash consumption is clearly driven by the need for food which, in turn, is a function of population and improving diets. Since the amount of arable land available for food production is limited, most of the increased requirements must be obtained by achieving higher yields from existing farmland; this requires increased application and more importantly, a better balance of fertilizer nutrients. Together, the countries in Canpotex markets contain approximately 60% of the world's population, and Canpotex is actively involved in educating farmers about the role of balanced fertilization in increasing agricultural productivity.

"Canpotex markets" refers to approximately 35 selected offshore countries in Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Africa.

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