Setting quality standards around the world, Canpotex delivers a range of potash products to meet the diverse and growing needs of its customers. Canpotex works closely with customers to understand their production processes and to ensure all requirements are being met.

Canpotex potash products are governed by a set of product specifications that highlight the typical physical and chemical characteristics of each grade. Product development is ongoing in close cooperation with its shareholders.

Canpotex takes title to the product at the mine site and maintains control through the export corridor. The product is tested and analyzed at various points throughout the delivery system to ensure it meets Canpotex's high quality standards. 

Agricultural consumers are concerned primarily about the agronomic value (K2O% equivalent) and sizing of potash.

Direct Application

Potash can be applied directly to the soil in virtually the same form it is delivered to the customer.

In developed agricultural economies, only a small amount of potash is applied by direct application because of its labour intensive process. However, in other agricultural economies, such as China and India, direct application is the traditional way of applying potash to crops.

Bulk Blending

In the bulk-blending process, potash is mixed with other nutrients to form a fertilizer that is made up
of separate granules of nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). 

When mechanical application and soil analysis are readily available to determine what nutrients are deficient in the soil, bulk blending is an efficient way of providing balanced fertilization. 

NPK Formulations

In the production of NPK formulations, potash is used as a feedstock in the chemical production of this type of fertilizer – where each granule contains N, P and K.

If mixed fertilizer needs to be transported over long distances, the chemical bonding of fertilizer ingredients helps to maintain the NPK formulation and prevent nutrients from separating.

Industrial Use

Industrial customers are primarily concerned about the purity and chemical composition of Industrial potash.

KOH Production 

The largest industrial use for potash is in the manufacture of potassium hydroxide (KOH). KOH is a feedstock for other potassium chemicals used in a wide variety of industrial processes such as glass making, pharmaceuticals, food processing and the manufacture of textiles.

Water Softener 

Potash is a dietary alternative to salt. In fact, potash is virtually the same as salt as it has the ability to reduce water hardness.

Ice Melt 

Where conditions permit, potash is used as a road de-icer. Although the melting power of potash is not as great as salt, potash is gaining acceptance as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Safety Data Sheet

Potash is a non-hazardous chemical and no adverse helath or environmental effects are expected to occur as a result of normal conditions of use. For more information, please see the Safety Data Sheet below.

  Canpotex Potash Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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