Strategic Initiatives

Canpotex invests continuously in order to maintain and grow its capabilities as a world class shipper, and to deliver a sophisticated, reliable global handling and distribution network comprised of dedicated trains, specialized port terminal facilities and ocean vessels. This provides the scale to move Western Canadian potash to offshore markets and customers from Saskatchewan.

Portland Bulk Terminals (Portland, Oregon)

Canpotex is investing approximately USD 140 million of sustaining capital as part of its overall supply chain strategy to improve the efficiency of its shiploading and rail operations, and to optimize the management of Canpotex’s specialty white products at Portland Bulk Terminals. This project, which is now under construction, will extend the life of the terminal’s infrastructure and improve the facility’s overall safety, health and environmental performance. This investment should also add to the efficiency of the rail transportation system in the Pacific Northwest corridor and create significant and sustainable economic and environmental benefits to the region.


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