Canpotex Limited (Canpotex) is a joint venture that is wholly owned by the three Saskatchewan potash producers—Agrium, Mosaic and PotashCorp—with each shareholder having an equal ownership in the company.

Canpotex creates value for its shareholders and customers by innovating efficiency in a competitive export market. Pooling resources—such as sales and logistics expertise, customized railcars, port terminal facilities, ocean vessels, and more—allows these Saskatchewan potash producers to provide this important fertilizer nutrient in a competitive way, ensuring it reaches global farmers and fields in Canpotex’s export markets.

Agrium Inc.

Vanscoy Operator: Agrium Partnership*

*Subsidiary of Agrium Inc.

Mosaic Canada Crop Nutrition, LP

Belle Plaine Operator: Mosaic Potash Belle Plaine*

Colonsay Operator: Mosaic Potash Colonsay*

Esterhazy K1 Operator: Mosaic Potash Esterhazy*

Esterhazy K2 Operator: Mosaic Potash Esterhazy*

*Subsidiaries of The Mosaic Company

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.

Allan Operator: PotashCorp Allan*

Cory Operator: PotashCorp Cory*

Lanigan Operator: PotashCorp Lanigan*

Patience Lake Operator: PotashCorp Patience Lake*

Rocanville Operator: PotashCorp Rocanville*

*Divisions of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.