Nourishing the World
Learn more about how Canpotex is marketing and delivering Canadian potash on behalf of its shareholders, Mosaic and Nutrien, to millions of fields and farmers around the world.
Farmer Education Programs
Learn more about how Canpotex is helping feed the world through its farmer education programs.


A Podcast Hosted by Jen Quesnel
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Take a listen to all things potash in our ongoing podcast series from Canpotex. With a broad range of topical info, we’ll talk about how our small Saskatchewan company started to where the future of agriculture is headed so we can feed a global population that has surpassed 8 billion people.

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Origin Story

How did a small Saskatchewan based company become one of the world's largest suppliers of potash? Check out our first podcast episode of Rooted in Potash: Canpotex at 50 to hear more about Canpotex's incredible origin story.

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Nourishing the World

With an extra 2 billion people expected by 2050, how do we ensure food security for a growing global population? In this second episode of Rooted in Potash: Canpotex at 50 we learn how Canadian potash is increasing farmers’ yields and helping feed the world. Since 1983, Canpotex has invested $55 million USD in farmer education programs that benefit farmers on the ground in countries like India and Bangladesh. Listen to what it is like to see these programs in action up close.

We’ll also hear from two of Canpotex’s long-time customers, Wilmar and Hap Seng, who share how Canadian potash is improving farmer livelihoods in Indonesia and making biofuel innovations possible in Malaysia. A bit closer to home, we take a trip to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre to hear how Canpotex is helping alleviate child hunger in Saskatoon.

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Each year, Canpotex exports arround 13 million tonnes of potash to its customers overseas. In this episode of Rooted in Potash: Canpotex at 50, we look at the operations that make Canpotex one of Canada’s top exporters and a leader in logistics. We’re joined by Chooi Li Low, the Senior Director of Operations for Canpotex, to go behind the scenes. Chooi Li takes us through the entire potash journey from thousands of meters underground to thousands of kilometers across rough terrain and the sea. We also hear from Bruno Bravo with Orion, a vessel agent in Brazil that’s on the receiving end of Canpotex’s potash before it reaches its customers. And Duana Kipling, President of Neptune Bulk Terminals, shares how Canpotex and Neptune work seamlessly to ensure potash can be stored and shipped reliably and efficiently across the world.

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Food Security During Uncertain Times

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had an impact on everything from the price of gas to the cost of food. In this episode of Rooted in Potash: Canpotex at 50, we hear about the impact it's had on potash – and how Canpotex remains a reliable supplier amid global disruptions. We sit down with Natashia Stinka, Director of Public Affairs for Canpotex, to discuss the vital role potash plays in the economy and in the lives of farmers. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe notes the economic contribution of Canpotex as the province’s largest overseas exporter and Fertilizer Canada’s CEO, Karen Proud, discusses the role of potash in global food security. We also hear from Jason Aebig, CEO of the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, about the direct impact Canpotex is having in its own community.

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Growing Careers and Culture

With its sophisticated logistics network and customers overseas, Canpotex has a team of around 130 employees who make the global impact of this local company possible. In the fifth episode of Rooted in Potash: Canpotex at 50, we take a look inside this global company with roots on the Canadian prairies. We sit down with Kendra Kuse, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, to hear about the people that make Canpotex a global leader. And we hear from five employees themselves about the professional development and company culture they feel sets Canpotex apart.

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Looking to the Future

The province of Saskatchewan is home to the largest potash reserves in the world. And as the global population continues to grow, the demand for potash is expected to increase with it. In our final episode of the podcast, we speak with Gord McKenzie, Canpotex’s President and CEO, about the future and what it holds for this global company with roots on the Canadian prairies. We also hear from current board members and executives from its shareholders - The Mosaic Company and Nutrien - about the role they see Canpotex playing in the next 50 years and beyond.

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Time Capsule: Recapping 50 Years

Surprise! We’re back with one final episode of Rooted in Potash: Canpotex at 50. In this special bonus release, we go behind the scenes of Canada's only fully-dedicated Potash podcast. We look back at some of the highlights of the past six episodes, Canpotex’s 50th anniversary, and the difference the company has made in global food security over the past five decades. To help tell that story and peer behind the curtain, we bring on a special guest – the person who hatched the idea behind this podcast – Maeghan Dubois, Canpotex’s Manager of Communications.