How We Move Potash

Canpotex succeeds by being a reliable supplier of high-quality Canadian potash and by building strong partnerships with our customers. It is critical that we have a supply chain that allows us to deliver superior product in an efficient and timely manner. 

We export over 12 million tonnes of Canadian potash every year. 

We are able to transport significant volumes of high-quality Canadian potash by maintaining and operating our own supply chain. We have invested over $1 billion USD into creating an efficient transportation network.

Our fleet of over custom 5,000 railcars transports Canadian potash from Saskatchewan mines to ports on the East and West coast. We operate three terminals, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Portland, Oregon, and Saint John, New Brunswick, that allow us to load approximately 240 vessels each year. 

Our economies of scale have enabled us to ship potash to customers who otherwise would not be able to afford access to potash.


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Our economic impact

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