Potash comes in a variety of colours, sizes, and grades. Canpotex has more than 15 grades of high-quality potash, sourced from 9 mines located in different areas of the province of Saskatchewan.

Agricultural Application

Pool Description
Standard Red Standard
Pink Standard
White Standard
Red Fine Standard
White Fine Standard
Premium Red Superblend Granular
White Superblend Granular
Pink Superblend Granular
Crystal Granular

Industrial Application

Pool Description
Premium Industrial White Soluble (max. 0.2% NaCl)
Industrial White Soluble--C (max. 1.0% NaCl)

Industrial White Granular (max. 0.5% NaCl)

Industrial White Granular (max. 0.65% NaCl)

Industrial White Granular (max. 1.0% NaCl)

Softouch Water Softener