Meet Our People

Our team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds—sales, transportation, information technology, finance, accounting, law, and more. The majority of our employees work out of our Corporate Head Office in Saskatoon. We also have offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, and  São Paulo, Brazil where some of our marketing and operations employees work directly with customers in our largest markets.

Donghai Du - Vice President, North Asia
“I value the long-term sustainable relationships that we have with Canpotex customers, and our Company’s vision to be a vital link in the pursuit of global food security. We send potash to farmers who grow crops which become food on our table—something I am proud to be a part of.”
George Wellon - Director, Safety, Health and Environment
“Canpotex is a very open, welcoming and inclusive company. We focus on results and process together, aiming for continual improvement and strong communication.”
Twila Gebkenjans - Coordinator, Payroll and Benefits
“I enjoy being able to interact with employees from all departments on a daily basis, and doing what I can to make people happy come payday. Everybody goes to work to get paid. And as long as payroll is done on time and accurately, everybody is happy.”
Mohammed Huq - Business Intelligence Developer
“At Canpotex, learning and development happens all the time--whether it is incidental or intentional--through a WebEx, e-Learning and hands-on training. Currently, with Canpotex support, I am working through a couple of training courses from the Pluralsight e-learning center.”