Working at Canpotex provides career opportunities where employees can learn, grow, and develop.

Canpotex is a local organization with global reach, inspiring employees to collaborate, innovate, and succeed. We create leadership at all levels, promote a safe working environment, and embody strong ethics and values.

People and Inclusion

People are the heart of any organization. Canpotex is a global community of diverse backgrounds and cultures. We promote inclusion, collaboration, and innovation for all employees, building a strong, effective, and high performing team. We value diversity, equality, and teamwork. We provide employees opportunities to be bold and innovative. 

We work and collaborate in more than forty countries worldwide. We value cultural competence and strive to conduct our business in a way that respects the customs of our employees and customers. We offer programs and benefits to support our employees' overall health and wellness.

Leadership and Learning

Canpotex is committed to building a highly skilled and engaged workforce and a culture of performance achievement.  Leadership and learning is our commitment to investing in our people. 

Our leadership and learning initiatives reflect and support our dynamic business.  At Canpotex, everyone is a leader. We believe all employees contribute to our success, which is reflected in our overall vision, mission and values.

We invest in individual and role-specific learning, department specific learning, and offer a variety of programs corporate wide.

Our learning approach is:


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