Canpotex invests in its World-Class Supply Chain by acquiring 1,300 Railcars from National Steel Car


HAMILTON, ON — Canpotex Limited is investing in its world-class supply chain to increase its efficiency, reliability, and safety by acquiring 1,300 custom railcars from National Steel Car (NSC) in Hamilton, Ontario. These new custom railcars from NSC will be added to Canpotex’s fleet of existing railcars, increasing the total fleet to 8,000 cars by June 2023. The railcars will be used to help transport potash to overseas customers by delivering potash from land-locked Saskatchewan to three main terminals on the East and West coasts of North America. 

“This acquisition of railcars demonstrates Canpotex’s commitment to investing in our world-class supply chain and in global food security,” says Gord McKenzie, President and CEO of Canpotex. “By adding capacity within our railcar fleet, we have greater flexibility in shipping options. This increased railcar capacity ensures our potash is reliably delivered to our customers overseas, ultimately helping the world’s farmers grow higher-yielding crops on each acre of land.”

The new railcars from National Steel Car, valued at over USD $155 million dollars, are a continued evolution of Canpotex’s custom design which is meant to maximize productivity, enhance safety, and minimize maintenance. One notable feature on the new railcars is the enhanced steering system that reduces overall fuel consumption, maintenance, and enhances safety.

“We are proud to supply Canpotex with these custom railcars that are manufactured right here in Hamilton, Ontario at the largest ‘single site’ railcar plant in North America,” says Gregory J. Aziz, Chairman and CEO of NSC. “With NSC’s commitment to engineering excellence and innovation, we are confident that these quality railcars will help Canpotex deliver on its reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality potash.” 

Over the past 20 years, Canpotex has invested over USD $3 billion in its highly integrated and sophisticated supply chain. In addition to its fleet of railcars, which allows it to operate some of the longest, heaviest unit trains in North America, Canpotex also operates three North American terminals in Vancouver, Saint John, and Portland. As well, Canpotex has a state-of-the-art railcar maintenance facility near Lanigan, Saskatchewan which allows it to maintain its fleet of railcars, enhancing its railcar delivery system through increased performance and operational efficiencies.

About Canpotex Limited

Since our first sale in 1972, Canpotex has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of potash and a vital link in helping the world’s farmers grow more food. On behalf of its shareholders, Mosaic and Nutrien, Canpotex responsibly markets and delivers Saskatchewan potash, a valuable fertilizer nutrient, to global customers.

About National Steel Car

Founded in 1912 and headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, National Steel Car is the world leader in railroad freight car design, engineering, and manufacturing. National Steel Car is known throughout the industry for superior quality, reliable and innovative designs, and industry leading engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The Company has repeatedly received the prestigious TTX Excellent Supplier Award, and is North America’s only car builder certified to ISO 9001-2015 and AAR M-1003. National Steel Car is the largest single-site railcar manufacturing plant in North America, and the only railcar manufacturer in Canada. 

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