Milk Month Kicks off at the Saskatoon Food Bank!

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The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre (SFBLC) is aiming to raise $100,000 in the month of September to ensure a litre of fresh milk is provided for every child visiting the organization.

Canpotex is once again stepping up to provide $50,000 in a matching campaign that encourages strong support from the community for the food bank’s Milk for Children program. This long-standing partnership is entering its fifth year and the public’s support of the campaign has made it possible for the food bank to meet its goal every September.

Canpotex CEO Gordon McKenzie says they are committed to food security in Saskatoon: “Canpotex delivers Saskatchewan potash around the world, helping farmers produce more food for the world’s growing population,” says Gord McKenzie, President and CEO, Canpotex. “We are also committed to addressing food security in our communities. By supporting the Milk for Children Program, Canpotex is doing its part to ensure children and pregnant and nursing women receive adequate nutrition during the critical periods of childhood development.”

SFBLC’s Executive Director Laurie O’Connor says this is a critical fundraiser for the organization: “Kids are headed back to school and good nutrition helps students to learn and grow. Poverty takes a toll on all aspects of people’s health, and when it comes to good nutrition, we know that milk is an important source of nutrients for growing kids. This month we are asking people to think of children and the families who love them.”

The organization is grateful for the long-term support of both Canpotex and Health Sciences Association Saskatchewan: O’Connor continues: “Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) has once again kicked off the campaign with a $10,000 donation. It is these longstanding partnerships that combine with the generous support of the community to make our goals possible.”

In 2020 the SFBLC distributed 50, 337 litres of milk through its Milk for Children Program. The program also supports pregnant and nursing women in Saskatoon and area.

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