Saskatoon’s Canpotex celebrates 50 years of nourishing the world, leading Canadians in the global pursuit of food security


Canpotex Limited (Canpotex), a fixture in Saskatoon’s business community and Canada’s largest overseas exporter of high-quality potash, is celebrating a major milestone in 2022 — 50 years of nourishing the world’s fields in pursuit of food security. 

Helping the world’s farmers grow a higher-yielding crop on each acre of land has always been at the core of Canpotex’s work to deliver high-quality potash on behalf of its shareholders, Mosaic and Nutrien. By strategically building up its world-class logistics and customer relationships over 50 years, Canpotex ships potash to approximately 40 overseas markets. 

Through economies of scale, the company is able to supply farmers who would not otherwise be able to afford access to made-in-Canada fertilizer. Over the past five decades, the company has also been helping to sustain potash supplies and competitive prices in smaller markets and has funded education programs for farmers on how to maximize their outputs.

“We’ve made a huge contribution to global food security. None of this would have been possible without our customers, employees, shareholders, and communities, and we need to thank them all for their contributions to our success,” said Gordon McKenzie, Canpotex’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Although Canpotex has evolved over the years, we have consistently remained a responsible global company with a uniquely Canadian core that supports jobs right here in Saskatchewan.” 

Recently recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top Employers, Canpotex remains committed to growing its own people through diverse and dynamic learning and unique career opportunities. 

With access to healthy food still a challenge for many Canadian families today, giving back to the community with a focus on addressing food security for young people remains a cornerstone of Canpotex’s work. Partnerships with the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre, the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation, and the Salvation Army are part of an effort to end child hunger in our communities.

Canpotex is publicly marking its 50th anniversary this Saturday by hosting a free festival at Nutrien Playland at Kinsmen Park, a way to show gratitude and appreciation to the Saskatoon community that is home to the company’s headquarters. The event will feature speeches from community and business leaders, including McKenzie, Jason Aebig, CEO, Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, and Saskatoon’s Mayor, Charlie Clark. 

“Looking to the future, Canpotex is well-positioned to build off our solid foundation as a reliable and responsible exporter of quality Canadian potash with a deep grasp of the global supply chain,” said McKenzie. “In the next 50 years, food security will be more important than ever. We will continue to be a vital link in helping the world grow more food.” 

About Canpotex

Since our first sale in 1972, Canpotex has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of potash and a vital link in helping the world’s farmers grow more food. On behalf of its shareholders, Mosaic and Nutrien, Canpotex responsibly markets and delivers Saskatchewan potash, a valuable fertilizer nutrient, to global customers. 

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