United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte and Canpotex Celebrate a 5-Year Partnership Nourishing Local Children and Youth for Academic and Life Success

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Saint John, NB - United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte and Canpotex proudly mark a significant milestone as they commemorate their five-year partnership in addressing childhood hunger and enhancing educational opportunities in the Saint John community. Through Canpotex’s unwavering commitment, thousands of children and youth have received vital nourishment, paving the way for academic success and brighter futures.

"We are truly grateful for our partnership with Canpotex, which has made a remarkable difference in our local community,” stated Alexya Heelis, Executive Director for United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte. “Together, we have been able to support programs that provided over 40,000 meals, over 60,000 snacks, and 4,200 bags of groceries, ensuring that children and families do not go hungry. The impact of Canpotex's generosity has been immense, and we are incredibly thankful for their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most."

Since the inception of this impactful collaboration in 2018, United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte and Canpotex have worked diligently to tackle the persistent issue of food insecurity among children and youth, recognizing that proper nutrition is a fundamental building block for success in both academic and personal endeavors. Canpotex’s partnership with United Way has enabled the expansion and sustenance of vital programs such as breakfast initiatives, in-school and after-school snack programs, and groceries for youths and families, reaching children from diverse backgrounds and ensuring they have the fuel they need to thrive.

"We are proud to celebrate our five-year partnership with United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte, as we work together to nourish local children and youth,” said Gordon McKenzie, President and CEO, Canpotex. “The community of Saint John serves as a pivotal location for one of Canpotex’s terminal operations, facilitating the shipment of potash worldwide. At Canpotex, we export potash in the name of global food security, but we are equally committed to addressing food security in the communities where we operate. By reducing childhood hunger and ensuring access to nutritious meals here in Saint John, we empower our young people to thrive and build brighter futures.”

Over the past five years, Canpotex has generously donated over $75,000 to the United Way, Saint John, Kings & Charlotte in support of food security initiatives, including its recent donation of $36,000 in support of their partnership with the Teen Resource Centre (TRC). Canpotex’s financial support ensures participants of the TRC have daily access to snacks and culturally sensitive light meals. By addressing food security, these young individuals are empowered to set and achieve goals, enhance their educational, social, and emotional skills, and ultimately pave the way for better outcomes and brighter futures.

As United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte and Canpotex celebrate five years of collaboration, they reaffirm their shared commitment to continue fighting childhood hunger and promoting educational opportunities. Together, they strive to build a community where all children have equal access to the resources they need to succeed academically and in life.


United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte is creating systemic change for poverty reduction and creating strong local communities for all in their region. They collaborate, advocate, and invest in pro-active solutions to lift people out of poverty and prevent people from entering poverty by focusing on education, children’s futures, mental health supports, and a strong network of community supports. Through measurable and sustainable solutions, United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte know they are making a difference for thousands of futures. For more information, visit www.unitedwaysaintjohn.com.


Canpotex is one of the world’s largest suppliers of potash overseas. On behalf of its shareholders, Mosaic and Nutrien, Canpotex markets and delivers Saskatchewan potash, a valuable fertilizer nutrient, to customers. Canpotex’s potash helps the world’s farmers grow more food. For more information, visit www.canpotex.com.


Jo-Anne Renton
Resource Development Manager, United Way Saint John, Kings and Charlotte 

Maeghan Dubois
Manager, Communications