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Portland Bulk Terminals, L.L.C. (Portland Bulk Terminals) is wholly owned by Canpotex and operated by SSA Pacific, Inc. Operating since 1997, this terminal is a potash bulk-handling facility located on the Columbia River system in Portland, Oregon. Portland Terminals facilitates efficient handling of specialty potash products (particularly white potash) and provides a load port alternative for Canpotex potash shipments worldwide.

In 2018, Canpotex completed a terminal expansion of Portland Bulk Terminals. The $150 million project included a new shiploader, a newly constructed warehouse facility, and an upgraded vessel loading system to transfer potash directly from trains and through the warehouse system onto vessels more efficiently. The improvements increased overall terminal capacity and improved efficiencies, while enhancing health and safety and reducing its environmental impact.


Site Features

  • Portland Bulk Terminals is a potash bulk-handling facility located at Terminal 5 in the Port of Portland, approximately 177 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean
  • The site occupies 100 acres of land leased from the Port of Portland, in accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Portland Bulk Terminals is wholly owned by Canpotex
  • Portland Bulk Terminals is operated by SSA Marine, Inc., with oversight provided by Canpotex


  • Three loop tracks can accommodate three Canpotex unit trains on-site, or 390 railcars
  • Two on-site locomotives and two traction slugs (7,000 HP combined)
  • Enclosed gravity-fed dumper pit can accommodate four railcars


  • Storage capacity of approximately 250,000 tonnes in two sheds.
  • Separate portal reclaimers for red and white potash, each with a rated capacity of approximately 3,000 tonnes/hour

Delivery System

  • A stainless steel enclosed conveyor delivery system minimizes dust emissions
  • Vertical drops at all transfer points of the conveyor system have been designed to ensure optimum product integrity
  • Separate delivery belts and cascade chutes for handling of red and white product ensure elimination of cross-contamination, and gentle delivery of product into storage or onto the vessel
  • Conveyor configuration can deliver product to storage or directly to the vessel
  • Delivery of products to the vessel is computer controlled from the ship’s deck
  • Single covered linear shiploader with a rated capacity of 6,000 tonnes/hour
  • The site utilizes a dry dust collection system to ensure it remains environmentally responsible


Berth Specifications

Dock Face

252.7 metres

Vessel L.O.A.

252.7 metres (maximum)

Draft Alongside

13.1 metres

Air Draft

15.0 metres

Vessel Capacity

Up to 55,000 tonnes deadweight

Loading Rate

Rated capacity of up to 6,000 tonnes/hour

Boom Reach

22.4 metres

Crane Height

32.3 metres


  • Single covered linear shiploader

  • Separate cascade chutes for red and white potash

Other Resources

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Terminal Contacts

Media Enquiries

Natashia Stinka

Director, Public Affairs

Canpotex Limited

Suite 400, 111-2nd Avenue South

Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K6


(306) 931-7534


Terminal Operations

Paul Huculak

General Manager

SSA Marine

15550 North Lombard Street

Portland, OR 97203


(503) 285-4200