Quality is paramount to Canpotex’s brand and reputation. We ensure that our potash meets customer requirements, industry standards, and our own Canpotex high quality standards. Canpotex governs each grade of its potash by a set of product specifications that outline the grade’s unique physical and chemical characteristic, so that our customers receive the product that they request. 

We closely monitor our potash through its journey from mine site to final discharge port, making sure that it is handled carefully throughout every aspect of our delivery network. We do this in several ways: 

  • routine and consistent mine site testing; 
  • third-party surveillance and regular testing at the load and discharge ports (including chemical analysis); and
  • Canpotex's Technical Support Working Group works collectively to ensure that our potash meets market requirements and quality standards. 

Canpotex is proud of its record of delivering high-quality potash.