Safety & Integrity

Canpotex is steadfast in our commitment to the safety of our employees, our communities, and of the environment.

We operate a significant logistics network of trains, port terminals,and ocean-bound vessels. We believe that all workplace safety and environmental incidents are preventable, and we put in place programs and processes to prevent incidents and to ensure excellence in our performance.

We uphold and promote the highest standards of integrity whenever and wherever we do business.

Our reputation is our calling card in the 40 overseas countries where we sell potash. Since its inception, Canpotex has conducted business on a global basis and has built strong, long-term relationships with our customers based on honesty, trust and respect.

Integrity is Key to Our Business
Our reputation as a reliable supplier, an honest business partner and a good employer has been built over decades of interactions between our stakeholders and our people. Integrity is more than a core value at Canpotex, it is a promise we make to ourselves and to our stakeholders.

First, we actively incorporate ethics and integrity awareness into employee programs. When hired, every employee and third-party sales representative participates in an awareness program that covers foundational topics including Canpotex’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, competition law, foreign corrupt practices, and fraud awareness and detection. This training is repeated every year, for every employee and representative of Canpotex.

We practice what we preach by treating employees respectfully and equitably, regardless of where they live in the world. For instance, all employees receive three weeks’ holiday, which is the law in Saskatchewan, but not elsewhere. And all office employees work the same Monday-Friday schedule, even though some countries have six-day work weeks.

Canpotex also has a compliance hotline where any concerns can be reported to an independent, third-party service provider.